Movemeber Portrait – Leon – Sketch on black paper

For movember I’m drawing famous mustaches. Today I take inspiration from the movies, have you seen the film Leon?

I used only two white colour pencils for 99% of the portrait and right at the end I remembered to bring my black polychromous pencil with me and regretted it instantly. Where I wanted a thin black line I got a slightly shiny thin black line making taking the photograph of this drawing so much more tricky. Therefor from now on when I use this pad I’m going to try not to cheat and just let the black of the paper show through.

For Movember I set up this charity donation page on the Cancer research website (so all the donations go directly to fighting cancer, unlike others like justgiving etc). Please consider donating to help fight the spread of Cancer, no one has donated yet – you could be the first!!


Materials used:

• A5 Black Stillnam and Birns sketchbook
• White pencils (crayola and polychromous)
• black colour pencil (polychromous)



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